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Three Essential Professional Health Devices For Your Home

Three Essential Professional Health Devices For Your Home
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

We are gradually beginning to understand medical terms and gadgets. And if no one is surprised with electronic thermometers and tonometers, then video laryngoscopes have not yet been purchased by everyone. Here are 3 medical gadgets offered by the young brand Antrolife. They will help you monitor your health, and if necessary, determine the patient’s condition in order to provide timely assistance or call doctors.

Blood Pressure Monitor

The device consists of a cuff that is attached to the shoulder or wrist, and the meter itself with a display and a compressor. You can use them on your own without special skills and determine the pressure quite accurately. During the procedure, breathe smoothly and stay still until the measurement sounds. You can only remove the cuff when all the air is released from it.

Image by Antrolife.com

Infrared Thermometer

It measures the temperature in just a couple of seconds, converting the infrared radiation of the body to degrees Celsius. The main advantage of the gadget is the ability to discreetly measure the temperature of a sleeping person, for instance, of a child.

According to the method of use, infrared thermometers can be ear, frontal or non-contact. For accuracy, it is recommended to have several thermometers of different types at home.

Video Laryngoscope

In inflammatory processes of the larynx, there is often a need for a detailed examination of its surface – the mucous membrane. A laryngoscope is used to perform this procedure. It allows to see the following pathologies:

  • swelling in the throat;
  • burns of the laryngeal mucosa;
  • adhesions, tumors on the vocal cords;
  • the presence of foreign objects, such as fish bone;
  • laryngitis;
  • laryngeal abscess.