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Thomas Carwin — an observer of drying paint

Thomas Carwin- an observer of drying paint
Photo by Pixabay.com

For many of us the word “work” is associated with an office, a computer and a business lunch from 12 to 13. At the same time, the world has so unusual professions, where the job duties of such employees cause surprise and even a slight shock. The observation of drying paint seems like the most tedious occupation on the Earth, but in fact it can be more fun than one thinks. Over the last several years, Dr. Thomas Carwin works for the international paint company Dulux, observing the process of drying paint. And the things that he sees every day seem to be mind-blowing.

Carwin is a thirty four year old and a researcher of Twyford, Berkshire (UK). This “meditative” specialty requires patience, perseverance and analytical mind. It may seem that the man just stares for a long time. His assignment is to attentively monitor the changing color of paint and change of its particles at the time they dry. Paint is observed on the walls, and under the microscope. And it’s rather important work, as it can only guarantee that the paint won’t start to fall off from the wall at the slightest touch. Different color palette in the drying process attracts Carwin. Thomas can first suspect the broken technology while painting or drying. It enables to take measures in time and correctly finish the paint work.