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Steve Herbst — a professional Whistler

a professional Whistler
Photo by Pixabay.com

Steve Herbst is a person of an extraordinary profession. He is a professional Whistler or Whistler-Pro. It turns out that for people like Steve special contests of whistlers are organized, and at such events Steve is known well, because he has repeatedly won such a fascinating tournament. In truth the whistling of Mr. Herbst is really wonderful; he can whistle any, even the most complicated motif, and it can completely replace the sounds of musical instruments.

In his childhood parents often took him to visit guests, where he entertained parents’ best friends by means of whistling. Actually, he grew up in a musical family, his father played several instruments, sang well, and very willingly and beautifully whistled. The boy imitated his father since childhood, and already by the age of seven independently performed in front of an audience, whistling beautiful melodies. In his skill Steve has achieved a lot. There are not much equal whistlers in the world. By the way, from time to time, the whistlers are going to special events, and Steve had the opportunity to win such competitions several times. One of these competitions is the International Whistlers Competition in Louisberg, North Carolina, which is held annually for almost three decades. In 2002, the winner of such contest was Steve Herbst.

Today, Herbst plays on TV, he was in Carnegie Hall. Steve, an employee of an advertising firm, he may come to the streets of Manhattan, showing off his talent. It can be easily spotted in the crowd of onlookers gathered to listen to this unusual performance of Mozart or Liszt. And who can prevent Whistler to entertain others and enjoy own talent?