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The popularity of the occupation “hired relative”

The popularity of the occupation hired relative
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Nowadays it is possible to observe any professions, which became trivial to many of us. However, there are interesting professions, which at first sight can seem absurd. An occupation “hired relative” can be strange for those, who have many relatives. But there are situations that require special relatives for a short time. Official service for the provision of hired friends and relatives appeared in 2010 in China. Mostly people go there before the wedding, birthday or other celebrations which should visit a lot of people to maintain status. However, unofficially such services have been provided worldwide a long time ago.

The story with a hired relative or suitors is popular in cinematography, and it is performed with different variations, usually having happy endings. Actually in real life it’s not so sweet like in a Hollywood melodrama. Hired brides and grooms are quite popular in China. There was even a popular TV series “renting a girl for a family celebration”. And the season of such renting happens in February, during the Christmas holidays. All single Chinese women are receiving pressure from relatives with the requirement to marry. And none of the girls wants to hear insensitive remarks from family at New Year. In China, the “hired boyfriend” costs cheap: 5 dollars for an hour will be enough to compose a nice girl over for a family dinner, $8 for a kiss on the cheek.

By the way, the “hired boyfriends” often go to deal with the secret hope to find themselves a real bride. It is rather convenient: they earn money, entertain and simultaneously search for their mate.