Home Interesting Questions How do magnetic stirrups work and what are the advantages?

How do magnetic stirrups work and what are the advantages?

How do magnetic stirrups work and what are the advantages
Photo by Tatiana Twinslol from Pexels

A horse has been a loyal friend and partner to man for many centuries and, it would seem, for such a long period of time, everything that makes this cooperation convenient for both is invented, tested and does not require changes. But this, of course, is not so – progress does not stand still and with the advent of new technologies in our time, even those things that have remained unchanged for centuries are being improved.

So safety stirrups develop as quickly as other equestrian harnesses. Recently, new types of stirrups have appeared – magnetic safety stirrups.

Magnetic stirrups with unique open design, advanced magnetic system and Smart Attach are designed for unparalleled safety, grip and performance.

Magnetic System

Ophena S incorporates a perfectly tuned magnetic system that provides perfect grip and control in all weather conditions, while guaranteeing absolute safety. It supports your feet, reduces the risk of losing english safety stirrups and gives you added confidence in your riding performance. The strength of the magnetic system is carefully designed to allow you to exit easily at any time, providing unparalleled safety and performance.

Open design

The magnetic system allows for something impressive: open the magnetic stirrup to effectively minimize the risk of being caught. To make this design possible, robust stainless steel is carefully molded into a one-piece body.

Smart Attach

This patented technology allows the Ophena S to attach and detach like no other foot stirrup. There is no need to remove the leather stirrup from the saddle, which not only saves time, but also saves both the saddle and stirrup leather.

Magnetic insole

This magnetic insole provides a magnetic connection between the boots and stirrups. Installation is quick and easy. One pair of insoles is supplied with each pair of Ophena S.