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Parmesan cheese listener

Parmesan cheese listener
Photo by Pixabay.com

There are many unusual and weird occupations, which are heard by few people. The diversity of modern life has significantly expanded the list of demanded jobs. They are especially relevant for large cities and unusual places in the world.

In the North of Italy there is a profession of cheese listener on the farm, which produces world-famous hard Parmesan cheese.  The process of making Parmesan lasts for three years and has many nuances. To determine how much time the product needs for ripening and to assess its quality, specially trained people are tapping the cheese with a silver hammer and listening to the timbre of the resulting sound. The louder the sound of the cheese, the better it is (although the fact is that the cheese listeners say that its sound has little in common with the ordinary sound to which people are accustomed to). This work requires a high degree of responsibility, since evaluation of a listener may affect the fate of the entire consignment of manufactured product. Anyone will not be accepted for such work. Parmesan cheese listener should be a person with music education, who has perfect pitch. The top of professional skills is to tap out the tune of “O sole MIA” without false note. At the time of casting for this position, employees are often asked to perform an excerpt of classical music.