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How to brick. Whole new level

How to brick. Whole new level
Photo by Atish Sewmangel on Unsplash

The Lego Tehnic series is the clearest proof that Lego is keeping pace with technological progress, creating new high-quality products, many of which simply have no analogues. Lego constructors are designed for children from nine years old, but all models of construction and urban equipment presented in this series repeat the original transport so accurately that they attract the attention of even adult technology lovers.

The unique Lego Tehnic series features multifunctional construction sets, which include two or more vehicle models. The uniqueness of the Lego Technician sets lies in the fact that all toys are an exact copy of real cars, not only in appearance, but also in functionality: the doors of the Lego Technician models open, the wheels spin, and the truck body folds back.

Lego toys from Oryvo in Dubai constructors give kids the opportunity to independently assemble the most diverse auto equipment that surrounds us in everyday life. The child will be able to figure out and understand how real vehicles work: dump trucks, bulldozers, cranes, helicopters, racing cars, tractors and much more.

Each set from the Lego Tehnic series has instructions for assembling a particular model, but at the same time, the child has the opportunity to show imagination. Indeed, sometimes kids are able to create such a transport that the creators of Lego Technician could not even think of. With the help of the instructions, the kids understand the principle of operation and the purpose of certain parts, and then they can improvise, coming up with new, original models of cars with Lego Tehnic.

When designing the models, the creators took care of the safety of your child. All products are made of safe and high quality plastic. Note that Lego constructors come in three age groups, each of which consists of bricks of different sizes – the largest for kids, and more complex, with a huge number of small parts, for older kids.