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Interpreters and translators will be replaced by computers… Or not?

Interpreters and translators will be replaced by computers
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

The profession of an interpreter or translator has always been in demand and relevant. Thanks to the work of the translators, international relations were established, contracts were signed. Thanks to translators, people got the opportunity to read books and watch films made abroad. Today, the development of modern technologies, including automated translation, makes many people think that the profession of a translator is no longer needed, because everything can be done by smart machines. Is that so?

Anyone who has dealt with a translation made by a special program must have noticed that some of the sentences are weird or even ridiculous. Taking into account all the nuances of human emotions, choosing the right meaning of the word, all this is still unattainable even for the most advanced programs. That is why the profession of a translator remains in demand. That’s why the 18 000 interpreters and translators worldwide that you can access through the Lingohaus platform won’t be out of work.

This platform offers you the services of the most experienced translators from over 79 countries. Sworn translators will help you perform high-quality Certified translations of documents, as well as their legalization and apostille. Thus, the documents will acquire international legal force. Interpreters will assist you during conferences, symposia, or negotiations. The platform also provides services of telephone interpreting done via a Skype conference or a cloud-based remote interpreting system. Over-the-phone interpreting services are especially in demand today when it is necessary to maintain social distance.

Translations are performed by people, which means that you can be sure that no nuances of the text or statements will be lost. Automated translation is a help for professionals, not a replacement for them.