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The manager, who determines sexual identity of chicken

sexual identity of chicken
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The diversity of modern life has significantly expanded the list of demanded occupations. But despite most popular works, there are very unusual jobs. One of them is the manager, who determines sexual identity of chicken. Their feeding depends on gender, so it is important to make an accurate “diagnosis” at first. There are many ways of determining the sex of chicks; both folk and medical. Statistics show that highly skilled managers can handle about 600-800 chickens per hour with the reliability of the results to 92-96%.

The determination of sexual identity of chicks will help to contain separate females and males, and this in turn will lead to better farming in a certain direction (cockerels for meat and chickens for eggs).

Experts declare that the cause of the unpopularity of the specialty lies in the nature of work. “Every day manager needs to spend hour after hour, looking at the chicken tail”, — they explained. The differences in primary sex characteristics of birds are minimum, which makes the work very hard. The experts added that, this job requires rapid pace and high efficiency with 98 percent accuracy. It takes three years to teach someone to correctly determine the sex of chickens. In addition, the growth and development of female chicken will be accelerated, if there will be no males in their herd, thus the egg products will rise. The correct determination is the key to successful cultivation in the future.


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