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Professional apologer

Professional apologer
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Even some 30 years ago, nobody could imagine that unusual occupations will be in demand, like the tester of water slides or the writer of the lyrics for happy cookies. It is impossible to obtain rare profession after 5-6 years education at the Institute. The main thing here is to find the employer, who will pay money for your skills. There are some lucky people who managed to find themselves and to realize in the most interesting areas. And most importantly — they are able to earn good money.

In 2001, The New York Times magazine published an article about Chinese company offering an unusual service.  If someone needs to apologize to anyone, rejected by a lover or business partner with whom he has screwed up, but can’t force himself to do it individually, the “Tianjin apology” company will help and professionally bring apology on his behalf. The company’s motto is “we speak words of apology for you”. According to the information in the article, professional apologer — is a middle-aged person, male or female, with higher education, dressed in a black suit. By profession, he may be a lawyer, social worker or a teacher. He must possess good verbal skills and be trained on the basis of the art of conducting interviews. Currently, it is known that this profession is also popular in Japan. And who knows, maybe some time later it will spread to other countries.


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