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Why it is necessary to flip penguins?

Why it is necessary to flip penguins
Photo by Pixabay.com

Few people know about such a profession, which is connected with flipping of penguins. But actually it exists. It is considered as one of the 20 most bizarre occupations represented in the labor market. According to one of the portals of job search, such professionals are not enough.

It is known that only two people on the planet deal with this, therefore such job is sorely needed. Everyone knows that penguins are very clumsy on land. They walk very slowly on their stubby legs and sometimes move by means of slipping on ice or snow on the abdomen. The funny and sad is the fact that when they look at aircraft or helicopters that fly with noise in the sky, penguins lift their heads high, loose balance and, of course, fall on their back.

After that, most of them simply cannot rise to their feet and just lie or try somehow to get to the water. If they fail, they just freeze on the ice. In addition, penguins can also be attacked by wild birds that are not averse to eat meat. But if the penguin falls back somewhere near the hole, he can easily be eaten by another predator such as a leopard seal. To avoid this, almost all the Arctic stations hire a person, who helps penguins stand up. The task of this person is to follow the penguins and hear the sound of a passing plane or helicopter. After that they should come and lift the birds, which have fallen to the back because of curiosity.

On the one hand, it seems very simple and even ridiculous, but actually it is not so. First, they should go out and rescue birds in any weather, whether it is a blizzard or heavy snow. Second, it is not so easy to get to a reclining penguin, more often they have to climb over huge snow drifts, falling knee-deep in snow. But there is also a positive side of this job, as these birds are very funny, and eventually penguins get used to the man who raises them, becoming almost tame.


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