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Magic in motion: what skills a motion designer should have

Magic in motion
Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

Motion designer from explainer video company is a relatively new profession on the market. There are no standardized requirements yet, as well as specialties in many universities. Every motion designer literally creates himself.

This is a multidisciplinary specialist. More precisely: a motion designer is a narrow-profile specialist with a wide range of skills. A motion designer combines a vast array of skills, from graphic design and animation, explainer video production to the basics of drama, directing and storytelling.

The essence of animated graphics is a harmonious combination of text, audio and video, creating, for example, explainer video.

What should a motion designer be able to do?

  • Composition

It is the foundation of any shot. The look of the entire work depends on how harmoniously the designer is able to arrange and connect the graphic elements. Correct composition makes the image lively and interesting.

  • Typography

This is the ability to artistically design a text, add expressiveness to it, and emotionally hook the reader. This is one of the main skills of a motion designer. It is important to figure out which fonts are in harmony with the overall picture: modern or gothic, with or without serifs, how to fit the text into the overall composition. Typography can either drag out the entire project on itself, or completely ruin it.

  • Color theory

Color is a powerful tool of influence, so a motion designer must be able to use it. It is advisable not only to be able to correctly select the color scheme of the project, but also to understand the basics of color psychology.

  • Basics of screenwriting

Animated graphics always tell a story to the viewer. It is necessary to be able to create a storyline, use the techniques of drama, understand the director’s skills.

All of these are essential to Build A Successful Career in a explainer video agency.