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Blogging as a profession

Blogging as a profession
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Professions in the modern world are changing very quickly. Blogging is one of the newest professions that has become popular in the latest 15 years. Millions of subscribers follow bloggers, for which they even use Youtube Premium Family Price.

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is a person who maintains an online diary, “blog”, regularly publishes new entries in it. Anyone can start a blog on the Internet and write on any topic. There are already 2 billion bloggers in the world, they write posts and create videos about themselves and their lifestyle, about travel, about beauty, about cars, about business, about politics. And, of course, a lot of blogs about how to blog. Any online diary will exist as long as people are interested in it. The main criterion for the success of a blog is the number of subscribers, people who regularly read or watch it.

Bloggers are divided not only by the topics they talk about, but also by the format. If you are planning to become a blogger, there are several platforms and formats that are most popular now:

  • Videoblogs (vlogs). They are hosted on Youtube. The author of the vlog shoots videos, clips, online broadcasts or streams – screen recording. The specifics of vlogging is that video processing can take several times longer than shooting itself.
  • Text blog. The main content of a blog is articles. Posts can be published on social networks or on a special blogging site (Blogger, Medium, Tilda).
  • Photoblog. The author of the blog focuses on beautiful images – photos or his own paintings. It is convenient to maintain such blogs on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr.
  • Microblogging. The author publishes short notes, quotes, aphorisms, news headlines of about 140 characters. Twitter has become the most popular service for microblogging.