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Something about barbers and their work

Image by Nuno Lopes from Pixabay

Who is a barber?  This is none other than a salon hairdresser for men and now this profession is at its peak.  The men barber is a very old profession.  In ancient times, the role of hairdressers was performed by doctors.  Later, the two professions were separated.  The fashion for wearing wigs has made adjustments to the activities of barbers.  But already in the 19th century, beards and mustaches became fashionable, and barbershops became something like men’s clubs. The modern barber salon provides a wide range of services for men, but most importantly, they can relax, chat, drink coffee or tea there.

Today, a barber is not so much a hairdresser as a specialist who tidies up the hair on a man’s face.  Barber knows how to shape a beard that suits you, how best to trim a mustache, and what trends will be in fashion next month. He has to not only provide professional services but also be able to keep the conversation going, position the client, and create a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. The best barbers remember every bend of the head, hair features, favorite hairstyles, and other features of the character and physiology of clients.

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The profession of a barber is a real art.  Maintaining the beauty of a beard and mustache is a lot of work that requires some investment.  But it’s worth it!